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Apartment hunting in Ghana can either be a delightful and fulfilling adventure or a tedious and devastating affair especially if you don’t have sufficient information to work with. 

What’s the average cost of a house? Where are the best neighbourhoods to live in? Where are the top apartments for sale in Ghana right now? Answers to these questions and more can help you jump into the apartment hunting world like a brave adventurer instead of a clueless stray with no guidance. 

In the words of Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus,  “let him who desires peace prepare for war.” It’s better going in prepared and we’re here to help you do just that. 

Is Ghana a safe place to live in? 

You bet. Ghanaians are generally gentle, friendly and peace-loving people who don’t like to get into other people’s business or unnecessarily incur the wrath of anyone. 

This crime statistics report by the Ghana Police Service is a good indicator of the security atmosphere in Ghana. Crime rates are generally low and you can move around safely in the day time and at night. Although it’s best to move around at night with caution, that’s when bad actors around the world like to strike. 

While the police aren’t as trusted given a track record of corruption, they’re generally competent and will aid you in times of trouble. 

Of course, there are always vagrants lurking in the shadows ready to strike if given the chance. Thankfully, that’s a problem that can be dealt with by implementing a number of security measures such as guards, CCTV cameras, locking your doors, adopting a dog and more. 

While these measures go a long way to protect you, it’s best to rely on the full-on security that is offered by luxury apartments such as Solaris (located at Ringway Estate, Osu) or any real estate development within a gated community. 

Is Ghana a good investment destination?

Ghana was projected to be the fastest-growing economy in the world in 2019 by the International Monetary Fund. In 2020, Ghana moved up to 6th place in the RMB Investment Attractiveness 2020 rankings. 

This is thanks to the country’s political stability, a growing middle-class, exemplary governance, favourable economic conditions and the growth of the oil sector. This makes the country attractive to investors who can pump money into Ghana’s booming economy for high returns on their investment. 

In summary, yes, Ghana is a good investment destination. With all the money coming in, the increasingly sophisticated middle-class, the stable political climate and other factors, now is a good time to invest in real estate in the country. 

Can a foreigner buy a house in Ghana? 

Yes. A foreigner can buy a house or apartment in Ghana. This also extends to land although there’s a limitation, you don’t fully buy land in Ghana but instead, lease it. There are very few lands that are fully owned by private individuals. 

Additionally, foreigners can only own land on a 50-year leasehold. This means that, while a foreigner can buy a house or apartment completely, you’ll have to renew your land leasehold every 50 years. 

Lastly, as a foreigner, it is advisable to do all the necessary checks to ensure the property you’re purchasing is litigation free and genuine. The best way to do this is to buy property from trustworthy developers who do all the necessary background checks and paperwork before building anything.

What does an apartment in Ghana look like? 

Villagio Vistas Alto condominiums tallest building ghana

In other words, what is considered an apartment in Ghana? Just like anywhere in the world, an apartment is typically a storey building with multiple housing units. In Ghana, both the British and American definitions fly. Flats and apartments are used synonymously, with flats often referring to the popular state housing projects known as SSNIT Flats. 

Apartment however is the generally preferred term. Apartment is used to describe any building with self-contained housing units on multiple floors. In some cases, this can even be a one-storey building housing multiple households. 

What makes a luxury apartment? 

Luxury means different things to different people. Comfort, convenience, opulence, extreme extravagance, the latest technology, and sky high prices are just some of the ways it is defined.

In Ghana, however, there are other key features that distinguish luxury apartments from the rest such as exclusive amenities,  whether or not it’s in a gated community, quality of materials used to construct the apartment and more. We cover what makes a luxury home in Ghana in-depth here. 

What are the top luxury apartments for sale in Ghana in 2020? 

In no particular order, below are 10 of the most exciting luxury apartments, in terms of price, location, design and amenities for sale in 2020. Note that the majority of apartments for sale are in Cantonments, Airport Residential Area and East Legon, 3 of the most sought after neighbourhoods in Accra. 

1. Embassy Gardens (Cantonments)

Embassy Gardens promises eco-living complete with communal gardens, swimming pools and a wellness complex in Cantonments, designed for the wellbeing of its residents. According to Clifton Homes, the landmark development offers a unique blend of “style, comfort and location”. 

2. Solaris Luxury Apartments

Paradise Estate East Legon Hills
Paradise Estate

Solaris Apartments in Osu by Swami India Gh Ltd is a 133-unit mixed-use development comprising of 1 and 2 bedroom luxury apartments for sale in Accra. The Solaris development is equipped with world-class amenities and offers a host of unique modern facilities. Solaris graces Accra’s skyline with the power of its innovative architectural design and unmatched quality.  For those looking for apartments for sale in Osu, Accra, Solaris is the perfect destination for all those who desire more than a home, with a privileged and elevated lifestyle.

Features: World-class amenities, State of Art Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Double Height Entrance Lobby with Front Desk, Cafeteria/Lounge and Bar, Roof Top Bar, Convenient Store, Unisex Salon and Spa, Multipurpose Hall for Residents and many more.

3. Eden Heights (West Hills)

Developed by Westhills Ridge Company Limited, Eden Heights offers world-class architecture and is built to meet the highest safety standards and to also meet the health and lifestyle patterns of the modern city dweller. 

Eden Heights offers a unique residential space dedicated to providing residents with comfort and luxury in addition to a world-class sports facility, well-equipped gym,  on-site management office, ample parking, 24-hour security, reliable internet, a serene environment to match your luxury lifestyle and much more. 

4. Mirage Residence (Airport Residential Area)

Mirage Residence luxury apartment

Mirage Residence promises to be more than a home. The multipurpose complex is an 18 storey building that comes with hotel rooms complete with concierge services, apartments, a pharmacy, and breathtaking exterior and interior design among other things. 

5. The Ivy (East Legon)

The Ivy at East Legon is a seven-story apartment block in East Legon. It is developed by Denya Developers and promises “incredibly spacious apartments that make the trade-off between space and price history”

6. The Pearl in City (Cantonments)

Pearl in City luxury apartment by Accacia Build

Pearl in City is a 150-apartment project in Cantonments. The apartment prides itself on being a lifestyle concept that blends nature, characterised by the green color of the buildings and a variety of trees, residential living, leisure amenities and commercial facilities like shops and restaurants to give tenants a tranquil place to call home. 

7. Cantonments City Apartments (Cantonments)

Cantonments City Apartments is a beautiful development of exclusive residences designed for modern, luxury living. Cantonments City Apartments is located within the Cantonments City development.

8. Apartment 24 (North Ridge)

According to Imperial Homes, the ongoing development, Apartment 24 is a swanky and exquisite collection of beautifully crafted 1, 2 & 3 Bedroom luxury apartments of style and unusual quality. 

9. Park Apartments (Cantonments)

Park Apartments promises to be a novel take on upscale living in the prestigious Cantonments neighbourhood. Park Apartments offers 48 housing units, including penthouses and a range of facilities tailored to provide bliss to residents. 

10. Riviera Residences (East Legon)

Riviera Residence is a mixed-use waterfront development. It comes with 78 apartment units for sale and promises residents an all-inclusive city living lifestyle, mixed with wellness, dining, shopping and leisure experiences.

11. Aura Cantonments Residence (Cantonments)

aurora apartments colorful residential building in accra

Aura Cantonments Residence is a luxurious residential complex in the prestigious Cantonments neighbourhood. It features 6-floors of ultra-modern housing units, penthouses with terraced gardens, a private duplex and 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments. The development promises premium, efficient luxury. 

12. Diamond in City Apartments

Diamond in City Apartments is the second iconic luxury apartment project by Acacia Build Limited. Diamond in City will feature 150 units, along with a mix of private and shared spaces that foster community and according to sales manager Wafaa Jomaa, will offer tenants “not just a new home, but a neighbourhood in which they feel a deep sense of belonging.”

13. NoVA (Roman Ridge)

Touted as the new star in the city, the NoVA by Devtraco Plus is a mixed-use development that comes complete with residential, retail and entertainment facilities along with automated smart home systems, cascading floor-to-ceiling glass windows and more. NoVA promises tenants the luxury and freedom they deserve. 

13. Oko Beachfront (Nungua)

Enjoying panoramic views from a terrace, taking in cool breezes in a sweltering Accra while living by the beach in a world class home is a luxury only few will ever experience. The Oko Beachfront by Signum Development promises that and more in this unique beachfront development that comes in 24 apartments and is designed with open plan living in mind. 

14. The Signature (Shiashie)

The Signature by Capemay Properties is a unique luxury apartment development smack in the heart of Accra, next to the Accra Mall . The 209-unit development features an audacious design inspired by the “Mframadan” Adinkra symbol, denoting strength and resilience. The development promises tantalizing views of the city, and an unmatched work-life balance perfect for top executives and their families. 

What is the best way to find an apartment for sale in Ghana?

Ask someone you know. That’s usually the first step. The next is to contact a real estate agency. But not just any real estate agency. You have to find a trusted one with a good track record of serving customers well. 

The next option is to use a real estate portal like Meqasa, Tonaton, or Dwellys. Be careful though, scammers like to hang around these portals to prey on unsuspecting victims. While some of these portals have made efforts to contain fraudulent activities, it is not nearly enough or foolproof. 

To be truly safe, save time and the frustration of dealing with real estate portals or agents, it’s better to deal directly with a developer of your choice. You’ll get a better deal in the long run on the apartments they have for sale. 

How much is an apartment for sale in Accra, Ghana? 

It depends. Several factors influence this such as location, type of apartment, floor size, amenities, and so on. According to Numbeo.com, the average price of an apartment per square meter in the city centre is GH¢11, 537, while the price of an apartment outside the city centre is GH¢38, 613.

The cost of housing units inside Solaris range from $85, 050 to $362,000

Are There Discounts and Promos on Luxury Apartments in Accra?

Of course.

Are there mortgages or flexible payment terms for apartments for sale in Ghana?

Yes. You can purchase a unit in the Solaris Luxury Apartments using a mortgage with your preferred bank. Simply get in touch and the sales team will run you through all payment options and the lifestyle you will be investing in.

Mortgage options also exist through financial institutions like Ghana Home Loans, Republic Bank,  Stanbic Bank and more. Speak to your favoured banking partner to find out what mortgage options they have. 

Hopefully, this quick Q&A/ FAQ satisfies most if not all of your questions around finding and purchasing apartments for sale in Ghana in 2020. What else do would you like to know? 

I'm Kadi Tay and I write about different things, real estate is one of them. The plan is to make real estate info fun by kicking out Mr. corporate stiff. So don't be surprised if you see a Kwesi Arthur reference somewhere. I promise it'll make sense. When I'm not working magic here, you'll find me talking geek stuff in Africa, travelling with my buds, highlighting young people killing it, talking about life and adulting, or doingrandom things.


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