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Meqasa Blog

    by Sonia Amade on July 23, 2021

      It’s quite fascinating how these tiny creatures make their way into our homes in search of food, warmth and shelter and end up being a threat to our health. They go as far as leaving traces of urine and faeces making the home an unpleasant and unhealthy place for the family. Immediately one immigrant

    by Sonia Amade on July 19, 2021

    After acquiring a house in Ghana, you may decide to change some features. This seems simple but remodelling can be very tasking to implement. There’s a lot that goes into changing the design and functionality of a house, especially if it’s already furnished to suit a style and preference you want changed. The process of

    by Sonia Amade on July 9, 2021

      Accra, the capital of Ghana, is a relatively small yet busy city with many vacation spots, things to see, exciting activities to partake in both in the remote areas and the capital.   Beyond the early morning rush and the wild nightlife, the city also boasts of national parks, forest reserves, resorts, tourist sites and

    by Sonia Amade on July 2, 2021

      Accra, the vibrant capital of Ghana is packed to the brim and has a lot going for it: art, fashion, tourist sites, food and entertainment are a few of the city’s delights. It is no news that Ghana ranked as the 2nd most peaceful country in Africa according to the 2021 global peace report. 

    by Sonia Amade on June 25, 2021

    Home burglary is perhaps the biggest threat to our properties, assets and general safety at home with the exception of fire outbreaks and natural disasters. Depending on where you live, the recent surge in home invasions and daylight robberies in Accra may be a major cause for concern. Media platforms movies stereotypically suggest burglary is

Accra Archive

  • Featured Building: Franklin House, Accra c 17th Century
    by Kuukuwa Manful on July 6, 2021

    In this video, Accra Archive Fellows Selorm Afeke and Divine Fiave take us on a tour of the Franklin House. The William Franklin House in Accra is thought to have been built around the 17th Century withs funds from the slave trade in Accra on the then Gold Coast. Enslaved people were often held captive and traded in the courtyard of the building. #AccraArchive

  • “Afropean Architecture” in Accra
    by Guest Contributor on July 6, 2021

    A Look at African-European Hybrid Building Forms in GhanaBy Selorm Afeke Before colonization, the people of what came to be Accra in the Gold Coast lived in houses which were built using methods of construction and materials available locally. I may therefore not be wrong if I say the people had their own architecture as they had their own way of dealing with and responding to their housing needs in the built […]

  • What’s in a (Ga) Name?
    by Guest Contributor on June 5, 2021

    After reading an article by Gilbert Nii-Okai Addy, a writer and guitarist, about Adedainkpo (old Accra) I, together with another Accra Archive Fellow Akotowaa Ofori, spoke to him about Ga ethnicity, naming patterns and more.

  • The Intimacies of Family Legacies in Ghana
    by Guest Contributor on June 2, 2021

    The Difficulty of Telling Certain StoriesBy Girish Daswani When I was thirteen years old and living in Singapore, I wrote a short story that won my school’s essay-writing competition. It was a fictional piece called “My Uncle Tarzan.” I blended a child’s (spectacular and problematic) imagination of “Africa” with my own family’s history and presence in Ghana. In the story, Tarzan was my uncle who lived […]

  • The Evolution of Adedainkpo, Old Accra:
    by Guest Contributor on May 21, 2021

    Accidents of History and Geography By Akotowaa Ofori  Accra Archive Fellows Akotowaa Ofori and Lawrencia Amartey interviewed Gilbert Nii-Okai Addy – a writer, concert guitarist and indigene and former resident of Adedainkpo (in what is currently known as Old Accra). In this article, Akotowaa Ofori writes about Addy’s experiences in—and the evolution of—the area. Gilbert Nii-Okai Addy grew up in a house […]


Africa New Homes

  • Djibouti Aims To Be The First “Green” African Country .
    by Esther on July 31, 2021

    The country of Djibouti aims to be the first “green” African country.Supported by strong partnerships, Djibouti is substantially increasing its share of renewable energy within its electricity production. Djibouti’s stated ambition, that is, to become the first country in Africa to be entirely reliant on green energy has been mocked. But this skepticism is not The post Djibouti Aims To Be The First […]

  • Just In!!!: There’s A New Kind Of School In Malawi.
    by Esther on July 30, 2021

    In various communities in Malawi, access to education is a challenge. Students had to walk long distances before arriving at their school premises. But now, it is beginning to fade away. There’s a new kind of school in Malawi. This type of school system is known as 3D printed school. The first of it’s kind, The post Just In!!!: There’s A New Kind Of School In Malawi. appeared first on Africa New Homes .

  • Green Building Is Gaining Ground in Botswana.
    by Esther on July 29, 2021

    One of the latest waves in the construction world is green building, otherwise known as sustainable building. Green building uses sustainable building materials and techniques which ensure that the building lasts for longer and doesn’t give off any hazards or threats. Now, green building is gaining ground in Botswana. Prime Plaza, a real estate project The post Green Building Is Gaining Ground in Botswana. […]

  • Find Out How Singapore Is Transforming Real Estate.
    by Esther on July 29, 2021

    The traditional way of going about the real estate business can prove tiresome and costly. With the increasing use of emerging technologies like drones, artificial intelligence (AI) and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, the answer could soon be close to zero. The traditionally labour-intensive real estate and built environment sector has been hit particularly hard by the The post Find Out How Singapore Is […]

  • The Town of Kariba Prepares For Growth Elsewhere.
    by Esther on July 28, 2021

    The town of Kariba, in Zimbabwe, is a prime resort town that is inching towards exponential growth. This is evidenced by the huge demand for commercial and industrial stands in what is expected to spawn a property boom in the predominantly wildlife settlement. Speaking during Kariba Municipality’s strategic planning workshop Wednesday, acting town clerk, Godfrey The post The Town of Kariba Prepares For Growth […]

News Ghana

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Citi Business

  • High cost of building materials will adversely affect rent – Construction Chamber
    by Bobbie Osei on July 9, 2021

    The Ghana Chamber of Construction Industry is warning that Ghanaians are likely to struggle to rent and acquire houses in the near future, if nothing is done to halt the unusual rise in the price of building materials. This follows calls made by former Deputy Finance Minister, Kwaku Kwarteng to Parliament, for the house to

  • Parliament must probe ‘unusual’ high cost of building materials – Kwaku Kwarteng
    by Bobbie Osei on July 8, 2021

    A former Deputy Finance Minister, Kwaku Kwarteng has charged Parliament to look into the reasons behind the recent hikes in the prices of building materials such as sand, stones, cement, iron rods and the likes. Some building contractors in the past few months have been lamenting the continuous toll the price hikes on building materials,

  • GREDA demands structure to regulate continuity of housing projects
    by Ellen Dapaah on April 29, 2021

    The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), Samuel Amegayibor, has demanded for a clear structure that deals with continuity of housing projects in the country. Citing the Saglemi housing project as an example, he lamented the various projects that successive governments have failed to complete and left to rot. Mr. Amegayibor

  • Building Contractors Association wages war against unregistered foreign contractors
    by citibusinessnews on April 21, 2021

    The leadership of the building Contractors Association is up in arms against foreign contractors that fail to register with any association in Ghana and blatantly disregard the rules of engagement. According to the leadership, many foreign contractors come into the country and are aided to win contracts without going through the mandatory registration process. Such

  • Tackle money laundering in real estate sector – GREDA to government
    by Ellen Dapaah on April 20, 2021

    The Executive Secretary of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) Samuel Amegayibor, has urged the government to adopt new and modern ways of fighting illicit money transfer in the real estate sector. According to him, money laundering, which is gradually creeping into the sector will drive away foreign investments if not checked. In an

Tonaton Blog

  • How To Sell Your House In Ghana
    by Enoch Kabange on June 18, 2021

    Selling your house is an endeavor that can be both emotional but less stressful. Most people only get stressed a lot when they want to buy a house on the other end. Even though selling a house is supposed to be simpler than buying a house, that doesn’t mean it will always be easy. This is even truer if you are engaging in selling your house for the first time. The post How To Sell Your House In Ghana appeared […]

  • Guide To Renting a Shop as a Business Owner in Ghana
    by on May 26, 2021

    In this article, we will give you some guidelines to follow when you are ready to rent a shop in Ghana. We will look at negotiating the terms and conditions, finding a location that promotes your business ad future-proofing the rent so you are not vulnerable to the landlord. The post Guide To Renting a Shop as a Business Owner in Ghana appeared first on Tonaton Blog – Buying and Selling Guide.

  • How To Rent a Commercial Property as Your Office in Ghana
    by on May 25, 2021

    Finding a commercial property to rent is not just a headache, but also finding a good balance in the rent agreement is an even bigger problem. How do you deal with a landlord who is asking you to leave when your rent has not expired? How do you know your roles and responsibilities as a tenant? And an even basic question; How do you rent a space or commercial property for your business office? The good news is that […]

  • [Guide] Registering Your Land Title in Ghana (7 Steps)
    by on April 29, 2021

    Registering land is as important if not more than actually buying it. When you pay for the land, you aren’t legally the owner until all the necessary paperwork and legal processes have been duly executed. It may be a daunting task but it must be done to ensure that you do not get into land … The post [Guide] Registering Your Land Title in Ghana (7 Steps) appeared first on Tonaton Blog – Buying and Selling Guide.

  • Guide to Renting A Property In Ghana
    by on March 31, 2021

    Renting a property in Ghana is one of the things that most urban dwellers might experience once every few years. It may be an office space or commercial property, a single-room apartment, or even a house to rent for your family. If you have rented a room before, you would have noticed the informal nature of it all especially when you are not renting from a registered company or body. This is often the source of the […]

Noanyi – Live Where You Love Millenial Real Estate Blog

  • Rent to Own: Jay-Z & Will Smith Invest in Company Helping Low-Income Renters Become Home Owners
    by Kadi Tay on July 31, 2021

    Superstars Jay-Z and Will Smith have combined forces as investors in real estate startup, Landis Technologies, which aims to turn renters into home owners using a rent to own financing model. Through their respective companies, Roc Nation and Dreamers VC together with other investors helped Landis raise over $165 million. The cash will go toward

  • California Plans To Introduce The World’s First 3D-Printed Neighborhood
    by Noanyi on July 12, 2021

    Builder of sustainable 3D-printed homes Palari has teamed up with construction technology firm Mighty Buildings to create the world’s first net-zero, 3D-printed neighborhood. The project will be located in Rancho Mirage, California, in Coachella Valley, featuring 15 homes on a five-acre parcel of land. According to Inhabitat, these 3D-printed homes will be built using robotic automation,

  • How to Quickly Get Rentgages / Rent Loans in Ghana and Smile into Your New Place (2021)
    by Kadi Tay on July 11, 2021

    What if you could get a rent loan/rentgage to help with accommodation or a way to pay monthly rent instead of 1/2 years rent advance? We’ve talked about mortgages or home loans quite a bit on Noanyi. But that’s for buying a house. What if what you needed was really just a rent loan, or

  • Ghana Rent Laws: What You Need To Know About Renting Property In Ghana
    by Noanyi on July 11, 2021

    This post, authored by Emmanuel Mate-Kole, Managing Partner at M&O Law Consult originally appeared on It details all the Ghana rent laws and is a great reference for anyone looking for more information on real estate in Ghana. This post on Ghas been slightly edited for context and clarity. Rental property is a property

  • Rent Advance in Ghana: Every Time Landlords Weren’t Supposed to Take Over 6 Months
    by Kadi Tay on July 11, 2021

    Before anything, let’s answer an important question: is rent advance legal in Ghana? Looking at the laws and declarations, yes it is. It’s just the duration that’s in contention. Like the name suggests, rent advance or rental advance is a lump-sum payment of rent to a landlord at the beginning of your tenancy. This means







African New Homes

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