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Commercial Real Estate Developers in Ghana

Goldkey Properties

Huawei Building at Cantonments developed by Goldkey Properties
Huawei Building at Catnonments | commercial development by Goldkey Properties

Goldkey Properties is a prestigious developer of both residential and commercial properties. Most of Goldkey’s commercial properties are located within the mixed-use Cantonments City development. In the commercial sector, the developer has the following projects:

  • Huawei Building
  • Vivo Place
  • Canon House
  • The Elizabeth (Airport Residential Area)

Eris Properties

335 Place at Dzorwulu

Eris Properties specializes in the development of office spaces. Eris is the developer of 335 Place in Dzorwulu and SU Towers in Adabraka.

Dream Realty

The Octagon at Accra Central

Dream Realty is another commercial property developer in Ghana. The real estate company developed The Octagon, a retail and office space in the heart of Accra.

Laurus Development Partners

Laurus is a prime developer of commercial and retail real estate. It is a merger between and is ranked 7th on Marcopolis‘ list of top real estate developers in Ghana. joint venture with equity firms Actis.

Laurus Development Partners is responsible for One Airport Square and the upcoming The Exchange mixed-use development all in Accra. The company also operates in Nigeria where it has built Heritage Place. The company says of itself, Laurus Development Partners develop environmentally sustainable, quality projects that deliver enduring value to their community, investors, and end-users.

Other commercial property developers in Ghana are:

  • Key Architectural Company
  • Mobus Properties
  • Primrose Properties


This section features real estate companies that deal primarily in the sale of serviced land meant for future development either by the companies themselves or third-parties.

Shandonia Estate

Rockhill Properties

Appolonia City

Real Estate Agencies

  • Akka Kappa
  • Westfields Real Estate
  • CBC Properties
  • Floorspace Realty
  • Ghana Prime Properties
  • Canal Property Consult
  • Exotiq Properties
  • SellRent Ghana
  • Isaac Anthony Homes
  • Renperty Properties
  • Coldwell Banker
  • Agastone Properties
  • Estatepedia
  • Huis Africa
  • Penny Lane Real Estate
  • Isaac Anthony Homes

Online Real Estate Marketplaces

This section lists online marketplaces and multiple listing services (MLS) available in Ghana. These real estate companies are particularly helpful for people outside Ghana looking to acquire property in the country. Visit this page on real estate websites in Ghana for more details on each of the real estate companies listed below.

  • Meqasa
  • Tonaton
  • Jiji
  • Dwellys
  • Tofiee
  • Loop MLS by GREDA
  • Edanra
  • UrlyHome

Facilities Managment

  • Talis Property Services

Ghana Real Estate Associations

These are regulatory bodies that sort of (or at least try to) police real estate companies in Ghana.

Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA)

Ghana Real Estate Professionals Association (GREPA)

Ghana Association of Realtors (GAR)

Home Financing


First National Bank (formerly Ghana Home Loans)

Fidelity Bank

Absa Bank




cofundie is a real estate company that helps you sponsor the construction of affordable homes for a profit

Investing in property eludes most young people because of how expensive it is. Cofundie is changing that and giving everyone a piece of the property investment pie.

Cofundie is a property crowdfunding platform with one goal, to help you sponsor the construction of affordable housing in return for a share of the profit after these homes are sold or rented out.

Ghana Real Estate Blogs & News Portals

This section covers real estate companies that serve as blogs and news portals on the sector in Ghana.

Noanyi – Live Where You Love

noanyi logo

Noanyi is a blog, news portal and news aggregator for all things real estate in Ghana. At its core, however, it’s a space to discover the best places to live in Ghana and how to turn the worst places into something beautiful.

On Noanyi, you’ll find opinion pieces on the state of real estate in Ghana along with compelling insights you won’t find anywhere else. You’ll also find profiles of individuals and the companies growing the real estate space, as well as the tools, trends and technologies that are useful to finding success.

Noanyi is derived from Ewe, the dominant language in the Volta Region of Ghana and in this context, means inhabit or to live in. It also means sit.

Property Trends Online

Property Trends Online. Real estate news portal.

Property Trends Online was a real estate news portal in Ghana. It provided up to the minute updates on different aspects of real estate ranging from new real estate developments, real estate personalities, government involvement, acquisitions, investments, to infrastructures such as roads and hospitals.

It also provided a marketing platform for real estate professionals to show their properties and offerings to an engaged and targeted audience highly interested in the real estate market.

Africa New Homes

Originally Ghana New Homes, this portal just like Property Trends Online served as a major hub for information on real estate activities in Ghana, bringing up-to-date news on various issues bordering real estate developments, acquisition and investments.

The website is no longer active, only has 3 posts up with the last one appearing in October 2019.

Float Ghana

Float Ghana

Float Ghana is a real estate blog that centres on the construction side of things. Float Ghana believes, and rightly so, that success in real estate is guaranteed and predictable if there are readily available information and know-how.

It is essentially a construction resource blog and invites investors, industry specialists and every stakeholder to tap into the information freely available on the site.

YouTube Channels

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