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This post originally appeared on Property Trends Online on February 10, 2020 and was written by Kadi Yao Tay.

Buying property in Ghana all by yourself is a herculean task. Thankfully, there are real estate companies in Ghana who are in the business of making this as easy as possible for you.

From real estate brokers and agents who serve as “consultants” to developers who are in the business of finding the best locations to build residential and commercial real estate, these companies are a sure way to get the most value for your purchase.

If you’re looking for the best real estate in Ghana, but can’t figure out which companies to work with, worry no more! There are many real estate companies in Ghana and this page contains a comprehensive list of relevant companies doing incredible work in Ghana’s real estate industry.

This page highlights real estate developers in Ghana, top real estate agencies and brokerages, as well as real estate marketing platforms all in a bid to offer you fantastic property options. It also goes on to offer tips on how to choose the best company to work with.

Top Real Estate Developers in Ghana

Ghana is experiencing a massive boom in real estate development with the rise of megastructures in Accra, as well as gated communities and estates with modern aesthetics. The companies at the forefront of this are real estate developers who are working tirelessly to close the real estate deficit in the country. They do this by first acquiring lands, constructing homes and offices, investing in infrastructure and then selling or renting out the properties they’ve built.

Below is a growing list of the companies putting up buildings in Ghana, divided into residential, commercial and land developers.

Note that, the position of real estate companies in Ghana on this list is in no way a ranking.

Residential Property Developers

List of top real estate companies offering residential accommodation in the form of apartments, gated communities, and estates.

Denya Developers

The Denya by Kadi Yao Tay
The Denya. Photo by Kadi Yao Tay

A member of the Pragnya Group of Companies, Denya Developers have over 15 years of real estate investing and developing experience. Denya started operating in Ghana in 2014 with the launch of The Denya, a 10-storey apartment building within Ringway Estates, Osu. The developer is presently developing two more apartment blocks together with Beaufort Properties, another real estate developer in Ghana. These developments are the Ivy at East Legon and Tribute House at Airport Residential Area.

Denya Developer’s biggest selling point is their expertise and the quality of homes it builds at highly competitive rates within the luxury real estate market.

Trasacco Estate Development Company

Villagio Alto condominiums, one of the tallest buildings in ghana built by Trasacco, a real estate company in Ghana
Alto Villagio Vista by Trasacco Estate Development Company

Trasacco is one of the most well-known property developers in Ghana. Founded by an Italian businessman, Ernesto Taricone, Trasacco has built some of the most prominent real estate in highly sought after neighbourhoods in Accra. These include Trasacco Estate along the Accra-Tema Motorway and the colorful Villagio Vista Apartments close to the Tetteh Quarshie Interchange.

Ghana Real Estate Trivia: What is the tallest building in Ghana?

Villagio Vistas Alto is considered the tallest building in Ghana with 27 floors and standing at an estimated 93metres from the ground.

Devtraco & Devtraco Plus

Acasia Townhomes & Apartments developed by Devtraco
Acasia Townhomes & Apartments developed by Devtraco

Devtraco Limited is a leading real estate developer, offering a variety of properties ranging from affordable to high-end luxury homes. the company has two divisions, the well known Devtraco Limited which offers affordable housing and Devtraco Plus, which caters to the niche luxury real estate market.

Some of their developments include the popular Devtraco Courts, Acasia Townhouses and the upcoming mixed-use development, Nova Plus in Roman Ridge.

Wonda World Real Estate

No. 1 Oxford Street by Wonda World Estate, luxury real estate company in Ghana
No. 1 Oxford Street by Wonda World Estate

Wonda World Estate, owned by Nana Kwame Bediako (Cheddar) is a luxury real estate developer, focusing primarily on residential properties. Some of their developments include Kwarleyz Residence, The Vyn Yard, and the recently opened No. 1 Oxford Stree in Osu. Wonda World Estate has risen in prominence thanks in large part to the antics of founder Nana Kwame Bediako who is constantly in the news.

Regimanuel Gray Limited

Eagles Place by Regimanuel Gray Limited

According to Marcopolis, “Regimanuel Gray is a household name in Ghana’s real estate sector. With dozens of gated communities spread across the capital, Accra, and the adjoining city, Tema, Regimanuel has, over the years, made a name for itself through the construction of classy apartments targeted at young and middle-income earners. The company is a partnership between a Ghanaian company, Regimanuel Limited, and a US company, GRAY, that was incorporated in 1990 with real estate development as the core of its business.

Ghana Real Estate Trivia: Who are the founding members of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association?

Regimanuel Gray Limited is one of the founding members of GREDA and has received dozens of awards in the housing industry.

Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate
Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate takes the crown for providing affordable housing in Ghana. Having successfully acquired large tracts of land from the Nungua Stool in 1974, the company has been consistently building affordable real estate on the land.

The company provides homes that cater to the residential needs of young families and professional individuals.

Parts of the Lakeside Estate lands have been bought up and are being developed by other developers such as Xils Properties. Lakeside Estate is also a member of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association.

These are but a few of the real estate development companies in Ghana. Other prominent real estate developers are listed below.

Swami India Ghana Limited

Paradise Estate East Legon Hills

Swami India has built an amazing reputation with its signature Paradise Estate at East Legon Hills. In keeping with its objective to be a formidable player in the real estate industry in Ghana, Swami India has built a world-class residential complex that blurs the line between affordability and luxury.

This makes Paradise Estate at East Legon Hills a stellar example of affordable luxury real estate in Ghana. Their latest project, Solaris Apartments at Ringway Estate seeks to continue in that tradition by providing holiday homes in Accra.

Goldkey Properties

Cantonments City by Goldkey Properties real estate company in ghana
Cantonments City Apartments by Goldkey Properties (real estate developer in Ghana)

Goldkey Properties is a high-end developer of both commercial and residential properties. The company’s forte is in mixing working and living, birthing their signature Cantonments City, a mixed-use development that is one part a residential community and another part, a business district. The company says of itself, “with our tagline “building prestige”, we’re proud of our reputation built on strong leadership and proven expertise in premium commercial and residential developments.”

Goldkey Properties’ developments are typically located at Airport Residential Area and Cantonments and include:

  • Cantonments City (Cantonments)
  • The Laurels (Cantonments)
  • Summer Haven
  • Pinnegrove
  • Magnolia Place
  • Idlewood
  • Glenwood Enclave
  • Devonwood
  • Aldgate Gardens
  • Pinnacle Place
  • Ashville
  • 90 Independence Avenue
  • Ashville
  • Kumi’s Court
  • Asafu Agyei’s Place
  • Cantonments City Apartments
  • Odi’s Court
  • Meadow View
  • Hammond Court

West Ridge Development Company

eden heights luxury apartments

Westhills Ridge is the developer behind Eden Heights luxury apartments located at Weija, near the West Hills Mall. Eden Heights is a gated community of 1,272 apartments of 1, 2, 3 & 4 bedroom units (it’s got penthouses too).

Eden Heights Apartments aims to provide a safe and convenient space for people who want to live far away from the hectic state of Accra, but still be in a city. To make that happen, it provides a blissful environment, on-site property management, a world-class sports facility and more.

Find out more about Eden Heights and their properties here.

Other residential property developers in Ghana are:

  • Adom Estate
  • Mobus Property
  • CPL Developers
  • Buena Vista Homes
  • Afariwaa Estates
  • Appolonia
  • Manet Group
  • Signum Development
  • Trasacco Estates Development Company
  • Bellevue
  • Chain Homes
  • Emefs Estate
  • Mobus Property
  • Adom City Estate
  • Beaufort Properties
  • Whitewall Properties
  • Greenpark Real Estate
  • Clifton Homes
  • Signum Developers
  • The Greens
  • Appolonia

I'm Kadi Tay and I write about different things, real estate is one of them. The plan is to make real estate info fun by kicking out Mr. corporate stiff. So don't be surprised if you see a Kwesi Arthur reference somewhere. I promise it'll make sense. When I'm not working magic here, you'll find me talking geek stuff in Africa, travelling with my buds, highlighting young people killing it, talking about life and adulting, or doingrandom things.

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