This post was originally published on SpeckUp, an online furniture marketplace and has been reposted here with permission.

What next right after you acquire your piece of real estate? you just moved into a new place and need some furniture or home improvement help but are too busy to hop from shop to shop to find just the piece you’re looking for. What do you do? Go online of course. But if you’re in Accra, you know how scanty options are or rather, how scattered they are. 

What online furniture shops are there in Ghana? Let’s find out. 

Ghana’s Best Online Furniture Shops

Orca Deco

Orca Deco online furniture store in ghana

Orca Deco is the most recognizable name in home decor and furniture supplies in Ghana. The company was started in Dakar Senegal in 2011 and has multiple outlets across West, East and Central Africa. In Ghana, it has branches in Accra and Kumasi and features an active website where items are constantly updated. In terms of functionality and serving the user, Orca Deco has one of the best online furniture shops in Ghana. 


  • Shows prices
  • Neat product categorisations
  • Lots of great options
  • Runs frequent sales promotions
  • Inexpensive
  • Offers free delivery for purchases above GH¢2,000


  • You can’t save items to a wishlist for later viewing

Visit Orca Deco

Furniture City

Furniture City is on a mission to be the number one retail outlet in Ghana. How? By providing premium furniture for international brands and by focusing on its customers. Furniture City like the name suggests is a one-stop retailer for all things furniture in every conceivable space, from homes to offices to gardens, to restaurants, hotels and even bars.


  • Simple interface
  • Fairly decent collection of products


  • Favors offline shopping which defeats the purpose of having an online presence in the first place. 
  • Doesn’t show prices
  • No option to buy online (if it exists, it’s quite the treasure hunt to find). 
  • Only shows a single image per product

Casa Trasacco

Casa Trasacco online furniture store banner with Yvonne Nelson

For a piece of Italy, Casa Trasacco is just the place to go. Operated by the Taricone family, (the same family behind some of Accra’s most luxurious residential developments like Villagio and Trasacco Valley), the company is on a  mission to offer the best furnishings and decorations possible at affordable prices that aren’t only beautiful but are innovative and timeless. Casa Trasacco goes beyond just furniture and provides lighting, ceramics and weirdly, even gym equipment. 


  • A large collection of furniture and more
  • Well designed and easy to navigate website
  • Personalised planning and consultation service
  • An entertaining and informative blog
  • Helpful product descriptions


  • No prices shown
  • You can’t shop online

Visit Casa Trasacco.

Lifestyle Gallery Africa, furniture shop in Accra

With a strong message that your home should tell your story, Lifestyle Gallery is heaven for upscale furniture enthusiasts.  Lifestyle Gallery’s offerings aren’t only comfortable, they make any space look damn good. 


  • Classy, minimalist website
  • Beautiful, antique-esque furniture


  • Prices not displayed. You have to call to find out. 
  • No office furniture (this isn’t necessarily a bad thing)

Visit Lifestyle Gallery.

Dufie Deco Ventures

This is perhaps the most affordable store. Although, the options are more limited and the designs can come off as boring and lacking that chic aesthetic great furniture inspires. Accroding to the site, Dufie Deco’s furniture is smaller in scale and made to fit in smaller spaces. It’s hard to really know what that means but we’ll take their word for it. Dufie’s biggest selling point, as stated online is its affordability. 


  • Displays prices
  • Affordable pricing
  • Free 24/7 delivery on items above GH¢1,000
  • Ability to track orders


  • Slow-loading website
  • Cluttered interface
  • Uninspired design 

Visit Dufie Deco.


As one of Ghana’s premier retail chains with more than 3 decades in operation, it’s no surprise that Melcom is on the list. The retailer has literally everything you can imagine, and the same reflects in its furniture and decor department with items such as beds, mattresses, tables, kitchen cabinets and more. Additionally, the online store has great, affordable options for lighting and hardware items, from lamps and chandeliers down to miniature aquariums. 

Melcom has something of a murky reputation when it comes to the quality of its products but that’s mostly because of how lowly priced its items are and the general perception that expensive is better. Once you look past that, Melcom is arguably the best online furniture store at the moment. 


  • Prices displayed
  • Mostly reliable search engine
  • Product filtering (by price, popularity and availability)
  • Offers delivery


  • No vintage, vanity items

Visit Melcom.

Our Verdict

Our top online furniture shop in Ghana has to be Orca Deco with their simple interface, delivery options and their impressive catalogue and most importantly, pricing. This followed closely by Dufie Ventures. 

Our biggest gripe with most of these online stores is that they’re not at all operated as stores. Instead, they’re just online showrooms with, you guessed it, no prices displayed. This means you’re better off visiting these shops in person, which defeats the purpose of them being online. This can be super frustrating for shoppers who need the information to make decisions. If you’re not big on being online though and don’t mind visiting all the shops in person, pricing information and other services like delivery won’t be too big a dealbreaker. 

Luckily, we’re taking that job on and showcasing furniture and home decor pieces in Ghana on our store with enough information to help you decide. Check out our growing catalogue of furniture and home decor pieces today on SpeckUp. 

Have fun specking up your space. 

I'm Kadi Tay and I write about different things, real estate is one of them. The plan is to make real estate info fun by kicking out Mr. corporate stiff. So don't be surprised if you see a Kwesi Arthur reference somewhere. I promise it'll make sense. When I'm not working magic here, you'll find me talking geek stuff in Africa, travelling with my buds, highlighting young people killing it, talking about life and adulting, or doingrandom things.


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