Real estate shows in Ghana anyone? ?

Real estate is all around us and with it, an abundant collection of resources for content creation. Other than real estate marketplaces like Dwellys, Meqasa or Tonaton, and real estate companies like Mobus Property or Eris Properties, are there other people making content around real estate in Ghana? These creators would be offering value to viewers and listeners by reviewing properties, showcasing the best neighbourhoods and answering important, technical questions about real estate.

Below are the shows and channels actively providing real estate content for entertainment, information and education.

Real Estate Vlogs

These are not specific to real estate but more so to individuals who sometimes happen to talk about property when sharing information. My favorite out of these would have to be Natural Ghana Girl who makes videos on seemingly mundane but very important aspects of real estate such as the cost of building materials. Then there’s also Vanessa Kanbi who showcases the fanciest real estate options around.

Vanessa Kanbi

Vanessa Kanbi is all about discovery and documenting those discoveries. For the last 3 years, she has been interviewing inspirational people, documenting people’s experiences in Ghana and best of all, showcasing the best places to live and visit in Ghana. She has started a series on her channel called Africa’s Incredible Spaces where in her words, she takes you across the African continent and shows you the most incredible spaces. Vanessa is the most consistent out of everyone (she posts weekly) on this list and her channel is a delight to watch.

Natural Ghana Girl

The premise of Natural Ghana Girl’s real estate videos is simple, if you’re clueless on how to build your house in Ghana, she’ll document her journey so you can learn from it. Starting from buying land, hiring an architect, buying materials like roofing sheets, finding furniture and home decor and more, NGG bares it all. The playlist above documents the entire process of her and her family’s building project in Ghana and is an entertaining and educative watch.

Callan Wesley

Callan Wesley is an expatriate living in Ghana. He documents some of the very best of living in Accra on his channel. He makes it a point to showcase the posh side of Accra, something akin to the Africa the Media Doesn’t Show You hashtag on social media.

Property Video Marketing

These shows straightaway market properties. They’re property adverts that showcase one property and why and how to buy said property in each episode. Their production is usually crap and reminscent of GTV’s aesthetics. But, if you’re in the market for real estate, not something to bother yourself with.

Doksimon Homes

Doksimon Homes is a real estate agency which leveraging the power of video to showcase houses in Ghana while marketing itself as the preferred real estate agency. Videos on this channel are all house tours of some phenomenal homes mostly around Tema and new neighbourhoods springing up like Oyibi.

Property Hunter

The details are in the name. Property Hunter is a real estate agency that showcases their best real estate sales deals in the Greater Accra region. The agency prides itself in finding the sweetest deals in Accra. The channel showcases both completed and uncompleted houses that are up for sale, and tends to highlight properties on the outskirts of town. This means a lot of budget-lovely options.

Real Estate God

The Real Estate God YouTube channel simply presents home and land deals on the market. The channel is hosted by Daniel Wiafe, a real estate consultant who occasionally offers tips on and advice on real estate in Ghana. The great thing about this channel is that it highlights budget-friendly property options and is useful for young Ghanaians navigating accommodation in Accra. The only downside to The Real Estate God is that there aren’t many videos and posts are inconsistent.


If you’re looking for a video tour highlighting ongoing and completed development projects around Ghana, Coverage TV is just the thing. According to COVTV, they seek out Ghana’s development by capturing them in videos. These include new real estate developments, road projects, and other real estate infrastructure. Most of the content covers Kumasi and the videos are in Twi and sadly, no English subtitles.

Real Estate TV

This is the foremost property marketing channel on YouTube from Ghana. While their aesthetics and production quality leaves much to be desired, the channel has consistently produced videos marketing different properties across Accra. The channel hasn’t been active lately with their last video published a year ago.

Dedicated Real Estate Shows

Vector illustration of real estate shows

These are shows that focus solely on real estate in Ghana. They are mostly informational and are run by prominent real estate pros.

Build with Amoaa

Maame Amoaa’s channel showcases interior decor, architecture and property tours across the country. Amoaa’s bubbly personality and interview subjects make this channel particularly fun and relatable to watch.


MarcoPolis is an international online publishing company headquartered in Paris specialized in producing detailed country specific business reports that analyze different sectors of an economy. The publication has covered Ghana’s real estate developers extensively in its Ghana report. MarcoPolis’ YouTube channel is one of the best produced real estate shows on Ghana. The channel (and the playlist above) consists of interviews and features on Ghana’s real estate development scene.

Meqasa TV

The foremost property portal in Ghana kicked off its YouTube channel proper in June 2020. Unlike what you’d expect, Meqasa isn’t showcasing properties on its channel. Instead, it’s focusing on informing the public on everything you need to know about real estate in Ghana. It does this by interviewing top players in the game on a range of topics such as mortgages, building green, property laws (such as rent control) and how to make money in real estate among others. Meqasa TV is positioning itself to be one of the top real estate shows in Ghana.

Ghana Property & Lifestyle Show

The Ghana Property & Lifestyle Show is is run by On Point Property Management Limited, the same company behind the Ghana Property & Lifestyle Expo. This channel is an auxiliary for that expo and showcases prime real estate offers from Ghana in a the style of a housing fair. This channel also hosts webinars and interviews with real estate professionals.

Real Estate Mastermind Africa

Christian Nii Kpakpo Abossey is a respected real estate broker and the CEO of CBC Properties. He’s particularly known for his expertise in land and real estate brokerage. He is also currently the president of the Ghana Association of Real Estate Brokers (GAR).

On his show, Real Estate Mastermind Africa, Chris brings the full extent of his knowledge and experience to bear by offering timely and efficient advice on real estate in Ghana. Just two episodes of this high-potential podcast have been recorded so far and I can’t wait for the rest to learn from him.

Real Estate But Not Quite

Exactly the title you just read. So travel and lifestyle shows that showcase the recreational side of Ghana which consequently, also makes up real estate.

Revealed with Bola Ray

Travels Ghana

Not exactly a real estate channel and more a travel platform. I include them here because unlike most people, this team focuses on high quality videos and photos depicting the best recreational experiences in Ghana.

travels. seeks to deliver straight to the point content that leaves viewers in suspense. The team deliberately showcases just a little about the spaces they’ve been in, to compel viewers to go explore the places themselves.

Check out their regularly updated YouTube Channel and their travel website.


These real estate shows are providing much needed coverage on Ghana’s housing sector in more engaging formats than just text. While there aren’t many real estate shows/channels out there, the few give fair coverage of the industry. Sadly, these real estate shows focus on Accra where all the real estate action seems to be happening. There’s potential for other real estate shows in Ghana which cover other areas such as the Western Region to shine and provide incredible value.

I'm Kadi Tay and I write about different things, real estate is one of them. The plan is to make real estate info fun by kicking out Mr. corporate stiff. So don't be surprised if you see a Kwesi Arthur reference somewhere. I promise it'll make sense. When I'm not working magic here, you'll find me talking geek stuff in Africa, travelling with my buds, highlighting young people killing it, talking about life and adulting, or doingrandom things.


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