The Oxford at Appolonia City house

Buying a home outright can be expensive. Which is why mortgages or home loans are helpful to make the required down-payment on property. If you’re looking to buy a home in Ghana, and pay in installments and/or over a period, this post provides an up-to-date list of houses for sale in Ghana with mortgages and flexible payment terms available.

It highlights real estate with finance options from mortgage providers such as Republic Bank, CalMortgage, First National Bank, Stanbic Bank, Absa and more.

Mortgage Houses/Properties in Ghana

Below is a list of mortgage houses available for sale in Ghana, from top, trustworthy real estate developers. Most of these developers are open to mortgage loan facilities from financiers such as First National Bank (formerly Ghana Home Loans), Republic Bank (HFC), Absa Bank, Stanbic Bank and Ecobank.

Adom City Estate

Adom City Estate. – Pride of Housing.

Adom City Estate offers a range of competitively priced homes located in Ghana’s harbour city, Tema and Kasoa, a rapidly developing neighbourhood that connects Greater Accra and Central regions and Kuntunse, within the area collectively referred to as East Legon Hills.


DescriptionLocationNo. of BedroomsPrice

ExecutiveTema 3GHS360,000
StandardTema 3GHS320,000

Adom City Mortgage Partners

Adom City offers mortgages to help more Ghanaians own their own homes. Below are the mortgage partners facilitating loans on Adom City homes.

  • Prudential Bank
  • First National Bank
  • Ghana Commercial Bank
  • Absa Bank

The Oxford at Appolonia

The Oxford at Appolonia City house
The Oxford at Appolonia City

Appolonia is described as world-class mastered planned city in Accra. Within the city is The Oxford, a “self-sustaining” residential estate of 600 houses across a total area of 20 hectares, aimed at the middle-class, with houses starting at GHS513,300.


No. of BedroomsThe WaltonThe EatonThe Barton
3GHS579,000 GHS654,900
The Oxford at Appolonia prices. Source.

The Oxford offers both mortgage and self-finance options.

Appolonia Mortgage Partners

The Oxford facilitates mortgages from all mortgage providers in Ghana. These include:

  • First National Bank
  • Ecobank
  • Republic Bank
  • Absa Bank
  • Stanbic Bank

The Oxford Self-Financing Plans

You will be required to pay the cost of the house within 6, 12 or 18 months. The number of payments and the percentage to pay are dependent on the duration. Below are the Appolonia payment plans.

6 months12 months18 months
The Oxford at Appolonia payment plans


Swami India Ghana

Swami India is a residential property developer in Ghana responsible for the Paradise Estate gated community located at East Legon Hills and the upcoming Solaris Luxury Apartments in Osu. The developer has flexible payment terms as well as mortgages.

Swami India Mortgage Partners

  • Absa Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • First National Bank
  • Republic Bank


Solaris is a luxury residential development featuring 133, 1 & 2 bedroom apartments located at Ringway Estate, Osu, one of the most connected and prime locations of Accra. This development is being built by Swami India Ghana Limited.

Solaris Pricing
No. of BedroomsRange
Studio$101,640 – $145,200
Premium Studio (2)$120,000 – $170,000
Premium Studio (1)$126,000 – $178,500
1 Bedroom$165,600 – $201,600
1 Bedroom (with parking)$190,800 – $237,600
2 Bedroom$223,680 – $307,560
Solaris Luxury Apartments Prices.
Solaris Self-Financing Plans
Plan21 days from reservation date60 days from reservation dateEqual Monthly Payments
Standard20%20%80% (spread over equal monthly payments)
Down Payment20%30%50% (spread over equal monthly payments)
Outright Purchase20%80%
Solaris Flexible Payment Plans

Paradise Estate

Paradise Estate East Legon Hills
Paradise Estate

Paradise Estate is a gated community of gorgeous yellow estate houses located at East Legon Hills, Katamanso. The estate features 3 distinct house types, Type AType B and Type D.

Spread over a dozen acres of lush green parks and gardens, located in East Legon Hills, Katamanso, Swami India Ghana Limited’s Paradise Estate is what you want to come home to after a long day of work.

Paradise Estate Houses Pricing
UnitPrice (GH¢)
Type D (3 Bedroom)GH¢766,410
Type B (3 Bedroom)GH¢1,032,500
Type A (4 Bedroom)GH¢1,708,050
Paradise Estate prices
Paradise Estate Self-Financing Plans

Payment plans here require an initial $5,000 booking deposit and then a percentage of the cost of the house.

Plan21 days from reservation date6 -12 monthsvia Mortgage
Mortgage Payment20%80% (spread over equal monthly payments)
Paradise Estate Flexible Payment Plans

Houses with Flexible Payment Plans

mortgages house financing flexible payment plans

Homes are expensive and developers understand this. Which is why they’ve set up flexible payment plans in addition to mortgages to enable you own a home. Each developer has their unique model but they generally all begin with a 20% initial deposit. Below is a list of houses with competitive payment options for prospective property buyers who interested in self-financing.


Ayi Mensah Park

Ayi Mensah Park by Indigo Homes
Payment DateStandard PlanAlt. Plan 2Alt. Plan 3Mortgage Plan
Purchase DatePayment 1: 40%Payment 1: 30%Payment 1: 25%Payment 1: 20%
Month 3n/aPayment 2: 30%Payment 2: 25%Payment 2: 20%
Month 6Payment 2: 20%n/an/an/a
Month 8n/aPayment 3: 20%Payment 3: 25%Bank Facility Letter
Pre-Delivery InspectionPayment 3: 30%Payment 4: 20%Payment 4: 25%60% Mortgage Disbursement
Upgrades & Additional ChargesFinal DeliveryFinal DeliveryFinal DeliveryFinal Delivery
Ayi Mensah Park (by Indigo Homes) payment plans. Source.

The Signature

The Signature is a spectacular collection of luxury apartments set on twin towers located opposite the Accra Mall. The Signature has a distinct design inspired by Mframadan, an Adinkra symbol denoting resilience, strength and sturdiness.

Payment DateAmount/Percentage
Initial Deposit$3000
Every 3 monthsPay 20%
CompletionPay remaining balance
The Signature (by Capemay Properties) payment plans. Source.

The Dromo

The Dromo 3 bedroom townhouse by Signum Development

The Dromo is a gated development of modern terraced 2 & 3 bedroom townhouses located at Adenta and Haatso. The Dromo is developed by Signum Development.


Pricing for The Dromo starts from $85,250 up to $123,500.

No. of BedroomsCost
2 bedrooms$82,500
3 bedrooms$121,000
3 bedrooms (+roof terrace)$123,500
The Dromo (by Signum Development) payment plans. Source.

The Dromo Payment Plan

Payment DateAmount/PercentageProgress
Initial Deposit30%Up to roof level
After 6 monthsPay 30%
When roof is cast
Pay 30%When finishes are being installed
CompletionPay 10%Handover
The Dromo (by Signum Development) payment plans. Source.

Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate
Lakeside Estate

Lakeside Estate is a real estate company in Ghana specializing in provision of affordable housing. Lakeside builds homes to cater for the residential needs of young families professionals in Ghana.

Lakeside Estate Payment Plan

One-time Purchase100%Completed
Initial DepositPay 50%
Starter home
Second PaymentPay 40%Roofing level
Final PaymentPay 10%Handover
Lakeside Estate payment plans.

Home finance shouldn’t be a hurdle to owning real estate in Ghana. Hopefully, this post on mortgages has guided you on what is possible when acquiring a home loan. This page will be constantly updated to reflect new houses for sale in Ghana with mortgages as well as update with existing ones that weren’t captured.


Mortgage Calculator

Ready to take a mortgage for your dream home? Consider using our mortgage calculator which will help you determine how much financing you can get and how much you have to pay back and for how long factoring in interest rates, taxes and your initial down payment.

Mortgage FAQs

  • How do I get a mortgage for a house in Ghana?

    Find out the payment terms of the house you’re interested in. If mortgages apply, get in touch with any of the mortgage providers in Ghana and check for pre-approval.

  • What do I need to acquire a mortgage in Ghana?

    1. Must be between 18 – 55 years old
    2. Have a good credit history (no record of bad debts)
    3. Be able to provide sufficient security/collateral for the home loan
    4. Verifiable income/employment
    5. Be able to pay the initial deposit and show financial ability to repay over the period. This won’t be more than 40% of your salary.
    6. A completed and signed mortgage application from your preferred mortgage lender
    7. An offer letter from the Real Estate Developer.
    8. Property documents including title documents to the property, copies of the site plans, and approved building plans

  • Which bank in Ghana has the lowest interest rate on home loans?

    Republic Bank (HFC Mortgage) seems to have the lowest interest rate on mortgages in Ghana at 11.9% for Public Sector Home Loans and 24% for Normal Mortgages (Cedi calculations) and 11.5% on dollar calculations.

  • Can I use my house as collateral to buy another house?


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  • Don Askia
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    Is it possible for me to get get a house in Ghana and pay in installments if I don’t reside in the country ?

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