Homebuyers and renters in Ghana, be vigilant! There have been concerning reports about a real estate company called SuCasa.

Several sources, across YouTube, Meta, Reddit and X allege that SuCasa may be involved in fraudulent activities. The grapevine also seems to be reporting the same.

Here’s what we know about the potential SuCasa scam:

  • The details are still emerging, but there are accusations that SuCasa might be misleading or defrauding potential clients.
  • Some of the claims go back as far as April 2023, only coming to light this month due to 2 separate YouTube videos on the matter.
  • Reports indicate that a class action lawsuit has been filed against SuCasa. You can find more information about the lawsuit here: https://join.sucasaclassaction.com.
  • SuCasa’s socials are business as usual, and doesn’t seem like anything out of the ordinary is happening.
  • SuCasa has also not publicly addressed any of the allegations.

There are two videos that level strong allegations. One from an investor and another from a business and real estate YouTuber.

The first video, from the channel, Building Ghana’s Future, questions SuCasa’s priorities, timelines and poor communication. The video alleges that SuCasa has left investors stranded with no property to show after multiple revised property completion timelines. There’s even an online class-action form for anyone who’s been “scammed” by SuCasa.

Public Notice: Call for Information and Creditor Action Against SuCasa Ghana Limited.

We, a collective of concerned buyers, are reaching out to all individuals and entities affected by the dealings with Su Casa Ghana Limited regarding its O’Grantson Communities project. Despite repeated assurances, Su Casa has consistently failed to fulfill its obligations, delivering substandard buildings or failing to deliver at all.

There is growing concern over the possible mismanagement of client funds and misleading business practices. If you have purchased property from Su Casa or made any payments towards completing a purchase, received substandard residential unitsconstruction, or have yet to receive legal title to your land or property, we urge you to contact us. Additionally, we are seeking information from suppliers who have not been paid and employees who have outstanding wages.

Our goal is to consolidate our experiences to probe the activities of Su Casa more effectively and take necessary legal actions to safeguard our interests and recover funds where refunds have been requested, timeously. How to Reach Us: Please reach out with your contact details, agreement specifics, and a brief description of your grievances to via this link join.sucasaclassaction.com or on this WhatsApp number: +233-34-229-5174.

We assure confidentiality and a professional approach to address these challenges timeously and effectively collectively.

Immediate Action:

We have engaged a reputable law firm to guide us through the necessary legal proceedings and ensure our voices are heard. Your information and support are crucial in making a strong case against Su Casa Ghana Limited. Together, we can seek justice and hold Su Casa accountable for its actions. Your response will contribute significantly to our efforts.

A second video, takes a somewhat stronger accusatory stance by calling SuCasa a scam. Somehwat because, the video doesn’t directly mention SuCasa, but following the comments, and the hints from the video and the profile photos shown, this is SuCasa. It’s alarming that the YouTuber frequently mentions his security as the biggest reason for withholding the name of the company.

Beyond the negative comments on both YouTube videos, there’s also a scathing review left on SuCasa’s Facebook Page by a Teddy Peprah.

His review reads:

SuCasa since you guys refuse to be upfront with your customers, it’s unfortunate but we have to bring this issue to public light so maybe we can get some truth out of your office. I’m part of the phase 3 group that signed up for the promo Wode Maya, Ghana natural girl and so many other promoted back in June or July. SuCasa advertised 16 weeks to complete the project. Project was to commence on the first week of September. Today is January 14th and we have nothing to show for the money we have paid.

I have been extremely patient with the team upon all the lies we have been told, I have kept my cool to give them time. We want to believe in this project but something is completely wrong and we need answers NOW! This is an investment for most of us and we are losing money by the day. If this isn’t resolved soon, u all will have to pay us with interest because this is ridiculous. Wode Maya and Ghana natural girl most of us are your subscribers and got into business with SuCasa because you promoted them. Please if possible do a follow up and find out why they refuse to tell us the truth and what is really going on. Thank you

This could all just be a big misunderstanding, considering the remarkable effort SuCasa put into establishing itself as a credible real estate business that was just expanding into the real estate development space (SuCasa started off as a real estate agency, dealing in rentals and property sales back in 2020).

How to Protect Yourself from Real Estate Scams in Ghana

  • Do your research: Before engaging with any real estate company, thoroughly research their reputation. Look for online reviews, check with the Ghanaian Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA) to confirm their legitimacy, and be wary of any promises that seem too good to be true.
  • Never pay upfront fees without a signed agreement: Reputable real estate companies typically don’t require significant upfront payments, especially before a deal is finalized. If pressured to pay large sums upfront, walk away.
  • Trust your gut: If something feels off about a company or a deal, don’t ignore that feeling. It’s always better to err on the side of caution. Also, remember this, “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is“.

Looking for a Ghanaian Property? Here are some resources:

  • Established Developers: Look for companies with track record. Real estate developers like Trasacco, Devtraco, Indigo Homes, Regimanuel Grey, Denya Developers, and Swami India are good building blocks, as these guys have built an impressive resume of existing projects in Ghana.
  • Established Real Estate Agencies: Look for companies with a long history and a positive reputation in Ghana.
  • Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA): GREDA is a professional body for real estate developers in Ghana. Their website (https://gredaghana.org/) can be a helpful starting point for finding reputable agencies.
  • Noanyi: Of course, we’re here to help too! Noanyi is a great resource for learning about the Ghanaian real estate market and finding trustworthy information.

Stay informed and invest wisely!

We’ll continue to monitor the situation with Sucasa and provide updates as they become available. In the meantime, Ghanaian property seekers, be cautious and prioritize your safety when navigating the real estate market.

What People Are Saying About the Scam Allegations

Below is a collection of allegations we found across the internet. Again, this could all be nothing but it’s frighteningly concerning, especially how none of these complaints are being publicly addressed.

Update June 26, 2024: The company has been taken to court as reported by 3News as of June 26, 2024. On the same day, the company has sent out invites to officially commission it’s O’Grantson Communities project. This could really just be a case of miscommunication as SuCasa’s website and social media are still functional, with the company’s Instagram full of construction updates.

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and update accordingly.

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