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So you have an interest in the Real Estate industry. Let’s say you run, manage or market a real estate business. Do you have too many clients? Most likely, no. Do you have too much revenue? Almost certainly, no. Then let’s see one of the most practical ways to improve the situation.

A few more questions first. Do you have competition? Is your market limited to one city? Do you serve ex-pats and returnees?

If your answer to the competition question is yes, then you must be doing something innovative or exceptional to stay ahead, right? Do you have a virtual tour (a digital 360° walkthrough) of at least one of your properties on your website?

Perhaps you’ve been looking at customers from two capital cities. But what about people in a different region or state relocating to yours? What about the numerous consultants, field, programme and project managers that move between those boundaries for work?

And what about people from a whole different country? The hordes of visitors who leave their colourful reviews and vlogs on their experience? Both the tourists and the ones who move to work with NGOs or set up their own businesses in a new land?

How do such high-potential clients who cannot physically check out your properties find and trust your offerings? Especially now, with the coronavirus pandemic and 38,400,000 Google results for “real estate company Ghana,” and too many shady real estate agents that promise a detached, self-contained home and deliver a semi-detached instead?

The reality is that you may have a good website with well taken photos of your property, but one thing pictures and even videos can never do is convey space and depth.

A virtual tour does exactly that, and more. It takes your potential client through each space – from room to corridor to garden – allowing them to form an instant connection, because they can actually picture how it will feel like to live or work within such a layout.

A voice-guided virtual tour deepens the connection, because what’s more influential than a soothing voice in your ear walking you along how the bedroom opens onto a balcony that catches the sunrise…

Other options exist for ambience – birds chirping, the undulating swimming pool etc.- and music. The opportunities for customer engagement are exciting!

A tech-savvy expat, for instance, might make use of a VR headset to immerse themself fully in the space and walk around as if they were actually there. With the way technology trends catch on lately, this could very well be the norm in the next few years

Check out the virtual tour of Transitions in Ghana and experience real estate for the afterlife. As mentioned, exciting opportunities.

If you are worried about the cost involved in producing a virtual tour, it would comfort you to know that ROI is conservatively estimated to be 1 year. Invest in a virtual tour for your website today, and after a year, all profits from new tourists, expats and other online clients are yours and your business’s.

Beyond showing your properties just the way they are, giving an authentic experience and extending your reach, virtual tours automatically breed trust. What a potential client sees is exactly what they get. What more can one ask for?

Check out all of Dobiison’s interactive VR experiences here or watch a playlist of Dobiison VR immersions below.

This was written by Zara Abbey at Dobiison VR.

About Dobiison VR

DOBiiSON VR is Africa’s premier Virtual Reality (VR) content production company that creates 360° VR content like interactive virtual tours and 360° videos mainly for the real estate, construction and tourism industries.  A Google Street View Trusted photography company with over six million views, we have worked with premium brands including Mantrac Ghana, Appolonia City and The Enterprise Group.


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